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Map to the house in Salida, Colorado. Map to house in Green Valley, Arizona.

Local current weather information can be seen for Salida and Green Valley by selecting the Arizona or Colorado links.

In the springtime, the Sweet Sand Verbena releases its potent fragrance in the evenings to attract the hawkmoths so when you walk outside, you are immediately aware of the faint scent of perfume. This is also the time of the Claret Cup Cactus and the return of the hummingbirds.

I can be contacted at sarns at CO-isp dot com. (Steven Sarns)

Claret Cup Western Tanager Verbeana
Lazuli Bunting desert 4 oclock Vulture
another big cactus flower Owl Big cactus flower
American Goldfinch Shooting Star Broadtail hummingbird says yum yum
Spider eats bug Hum&Mtn Bug eats spider
big buck eating sunflowers Weasel visitor deer and sunflowers
Cactus Wren Buck eats sunflowers Horned Lizard
Evening Primrose Hawk moth Crimson Columbine
Admiral x Morning Cloak
The Dawn Patrol Gila Monster Vermillion Flycatcher
Male black widow Burying Beetle Bark scorpion
Whipscorpion spider 2 Rusous