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If you are considering a trip to the Denver area and enjoy mountain biking, check out this resource. 30 Rides . Although I wrote this guidebook nearly twenty years ago, the trails are still there. You may find some of Dr Flip's tips useful. Here's an excerpt:

Dr. Stephen Hawkings' Mountain Bike Tip: In the area of a severe gravity well such as a black hole or White Ranch, the space-time plane becomes distorted. The effect of this distortion is to shrink the event horizon to as little as 2 to 3 feet ahead of the front tire during the climb up. However, during the descent the opposite effect takes place, stretching the event horizon as much as 100 feet ahead.  Small geophysical anomalies, mainly in the space plane of the trail continuum, even at this distance can have disastrous effects unless the rider is constantly probing the edge of the event horizon and adjusting his spatial trajectory accordingly lest he experience the duality of quantum entanglement.

The Salida area is well known for its outstanding mountain biking at the confluence of the Monarch Crest Trail, the Colorado Trail and the Rainbow Trail and that's neglecting our own little not-too-shabby Arkansas Hills Trail system The best source for local conditions is Absolute Bikes.

The Arkansas River near Salida is the most popular whitewater rafting site in North America and the trout fishing ain't too bad either. All in all, Salida is a pretty nice spot.

My personal weather stations in Salida, Colorado and Green Valley, Arizona show local conditions that are important to RC enthusiasts.

I also spend my time in Colorado flying my RC gliders. There is a 200' high, south facing ridge right behind my home that is ideally suited to slope gliding. My particular area of interest is Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Information on my work on these robotic drones can be found here.

I can be contacted at sarns at CO-isp dot com. (Steven Sarns)

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