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I developed, manufactured and marketed the first low cost autopilot for UAVs. The engineering challenge at the time was the low quality sensors. The rate gyros drifted at a rate many times the output signal. The concensus from existing avionics manufacturers was that using low-cost silicon sensors was impossible - the rate gyro's output was not stable enough to perform the integration needed to determine attitude. I disagreed.

This new product was introduced in a guerilla marketing campaign through a series of articles in Radio Controlled Models magazine in 1999 entitled Teaching a Computer to Fly. After successfully bringing this new product into production and establishing a market base, I sold the company and retired. Unfortunately, the new management of the company did not understand the technology that they had purchased and consequently the company bit the dust in less than two years.

You can view the details of the product here: Autopilot.

The field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles has remained a facinating topic as I continue to fly and dabble in product development at my home in Salida, Colorado.

I can be contacted at stevensarns at gmail.

AP installed GCS TBP2
Vortex TBP4 Flying Eye 2.5 meter wing
Guen Crash Zagi
OSD OSD pod open
TB6 on launcher TBP6a
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